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(FREE VIP Event): From A to G, A guide for Gamification in Education


Gamification is an emerging teaching method which is often used to increase student motivation and engagement in the classroom. Come learn about the basis of gamification and how to implement successful gamified resources with your audience. Additionally, you will discover a variety of online resources for gamification to use that can be tailored to your […]

ATLE AI Summit and Emerge Symposium 2024

Edmonton Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Alberta Technology Leaders in Education (ATLE) is proud to nurture the convergence of technology, learning and leadership. Join them for 1, 2, or 3 fantastic days of professional learning, networking, best practices and enhancing implementation in a variety of areas. Highlights from this year's programming includes: AI in Schools AI and Assessment AI Ethics and Moral […]

ScratchEd Meetup


This is LEARN RECIT team's 4th and final meetup of the school year. All our welcome, it’s never too late in the year to learn about Scratch. What is a ScratchEd Meetup?! ScratchEd Meetups are peer-designed professional learning experiences inspired by the unconference model. This means that at any given event, you decide what your learning looks […]

ISTE 2024

Colorado Convention Center Denver, CO, United States

ISTELive is one of the world’s most comprehensive edtech events, attended by a global contingent of education leaders, teachers, coaches, librarians/media specialists and more. By attending ISTELive 24, you’re not just going to a conference, you’re venturing into the future of learning! With nearly 1,000 sessions presented by global experts, you’ll get practical strategies you […]

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