Directory of AI Tools for Education

This directory aims to demystify AI in the educational context, illustrate how it can be used effectively and ethically, and provide a list of accessible and practical tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning.

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Education


In an era where technology is advancing at an exponential rate, education is not exempt from this dynamic evolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to transform how we learn, teach, and conceptualize education itself. It is with this perspective in mind that we have created this directory of AI tools useful for education, with the ambition of becoming an essential resource for educators, students, parents, and all stakeholders in education.

This directory aims to demystify AI in the educational context, illustrate how it can be used effectively and ethically, and provide a list of accessible and practical tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning.

Disclaimer: Always verify the age appropriateness and terms of use for the suggested tools. These are not recommendations but rather a directory of our current tests. Tools can change and evolve quickly.

This directory is updated by our Director of Pedagogical Innovation, Alexandra Coutlée, and Simon Duguay, secondary school teacher.


Image Creation

Adobe Firefly 

A tool that allows the creation of images and text effects, generates 3D images, and edits images using artificial intelligence.

Free in beta version

Animated Drawings

Transforms children’s drawings into animations that can be shared or downloaded.



AutoDraw is a free, fast, and universal drawing tool that uses AI to help everyone easily create visual drawings.


Bing Image Creator

Bing, known as Microsoft’s search engine, is transforming into a productivity tool through a partnership with OpenAI. For instance, advanced image generation capabilities from DALL-E make it easy to create! Bing’s interface is accessible through most web browsers as well as a mobile application. Additionally, a voice dictation feature is available for making queries.


Blockade Labs

Allows the generation and editing of 360° images. Useful for working with virtual reality!


Canva AI

Canva AI, seamlessly integrated into the Canva design platform, allows users to effortlessly generate images by simply describing their needs. Moreover, the tool provides the flexibility to define an AI-generated image style to match their visual preferences, while also enabling the application of classic adjustments such as saturation and contrast to the created images.

Free education version


Can a neural network learn to recognize drawings? Contribute to its learning by adding your drawings to the world’s largest publicly shared drawing data set, contributing to research in the field of machine learning.


Scribble Diffusion

Transforms one’s drawings into AI-generated photos!


Stable Diffusion

Generates AI-generated images using a query.

Free, accepts queries in different languages.


Writing Assistance


DeepL is an automatic translation service that uses advanced machine learning techniques to provide translations in many languages.

Limited free version, paid version available


Quillbot helps rephrase or rewrite text by analyzing numerous synonyms to find the right word, improve fluency, vocabulary, tone, and style.

Limited free version, paid version available

Verse by Verse

An experimental AI-powered muse that helps you compose poetry inspired by classical American poets.

Limited free version, paid version available




Consensus uses AI to find answers in research articles.



Elicit is an AI-powered tool that searches available research on a given topic. It provides a summary of each study, details interventions, measures outcomes, and the number of participants.



Visual Support Creation


Gamma is a creation tool that uses AI to assist in designing presentation materials. The results can be exported to Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint (text only).

In beta version for free trial. 

An AI-powered tool for Google Slides that transforms any text into visually appealing slides.

Free extension, available in English, Spanish, and Italian


Tome generates complete stories and creates additional content pages quickly, with the option to use DALL·E 2 for custom images.

Free trial with an education version


Sound or Music Creation

AI Transcriptions by Riverside

Audio file transcription. The free version allows copying and pasting the text. The paid version allows downloading and using it for subtitles.



By adding the RSS feed of a podcast, you obtain a transcription, episode notes, ideas for social media posts, suggested titles, quotes, keywords, and more! You can correct and modify the given information if you find errors, and even use AI directly in the tool to get other versions of elements or help with rephrasing the text.

The free version allows 50 minutes per month


Video Creation

Steve AI (by Animaker)

Allows transforming text or a web page into an animated video.

Limited exports with the free version


AI-assisted video editing tool.

30 free minutes per month


Quiz Creation 

Create exportable questions for Quizziz, Kahoot, and other tools from text. Also provides learning objectives and organizes questions by objective.

Limited free version, paid version available

Quiz Wizard

Generate multiple-choice quizzes and flashcards from your texts, AI-generated texts, links, videos, or audios. Exportable to Wooclap, Moodle, or Microsoft suite tools.

Trial version, beta


Course Planning and Teaching Assistance


Autoclassmate is an AI tool that offers free features to help teachers create interactive, varied, and student-centered learning activities.

Some free modules and a paid version


Diffit allows to instantly access resources (including texts and comprehension questions) tailored to different grade levels. It also enables the adaptation of existing materials for various reading levels and generates customized resources on any subject, making content accessible for all students.


Education Copilot 

Generate lesson plans and other educational materials in seconds.

Free trial version, paid version available


Creation of AI-assisted learning modules.



This site offers tools such as a quiz generator, a video script generator, as well as tools to analyze training feedback and create personalized training paths.



Practical Extensions

YouTube and Article Summary

This extension, added to Google Chrome and combined with ChatGPT, provides a 5-point summary of any article or YouTube video. You can also modify the command (prompt) to request a summary in 3 points or 3 sentences.

A convenient keyboard shortcut allows you to quickly obtain a summary after reading or watching.



Other Tools


ChatGPT is an AI-based language model capable of understanding and generating natural language with coherence and accuracy.

Free basic version or paid version


Perplexity is an AI-based generative chatbot that cites sources to provide more contexts and information.


See all


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