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Create the perfect educational animation with Keynote

Do you often feel like you spend a lot of time searching for the right resource to use for teaching a concept? And yet, in the end, it’s not always exactly what you wanted? Did you know that there are plenty of tools available to create dynamic digital resources and use them in our slideshows and videos?

This training will specifically demonstrate how Keynote (for iPad or Mac) can be used to create animated GIFs, animations, and video content to engage and enhance communication and the learning experience. We will also explore how co-creating these resources with our students during a lesson can save us time, while also helping them visualize abstract concepts and providing them with meaningful learning content upon which they can build.

Training Sessions

Create stories with the Scratch programming language

Block-based programming is an excellent way to introduce our students to the world of programming and enable them to develop problem-solving skills at the same time.

In this training, you will learn how to leverage block-based programming to tell stories. Indeed, Scratch is a programming language that allows you to create your own story by combining visuals, movements, text, and audio. Let’s see how we can integrate programming with languages, mathematics, and art to engage and empower students.

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Creating with Video

Video is a powerful storytelling medium, and technology has advanced to a point where we can use our phones to produce high-quality videos and edit them using an iPad or laptop. Explore video features and learn about the tools that can be used to tell beautiful stories!

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Numbers, a spreadsheet that can do more

Numbers is the spreadsheet application included in your iPad by Apple. However, don’t just judge by appearances because it’s much more than another version of Excel! This training session will explore the unique features of this tool and discover how you can use it in the classroom for more than just simple calculations. We’ll take a look at how Numbers can be used to learn and manipulate mathematics, how it can help write in French or English, or even make complete science lab reports. Let’s discover the many hidden possibilities of Numbers!

Training Sessions

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This training is designed to introduce participants to Microsoft Teams. This workshop is designed for those transitioning from the Google environment to Microsoft 365, or for those seeking to effectively navigate their work environment. It provides essential learning on managing Microsoft Teams, files, and remote teaching organization, including video conferencing and class notebooks.

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The free Swift Playgrounds app (version 4) for the iPad not only introduces text-based programming by solving fun and simple problems, but also takes it a step further. It develops in-depth knowledge of Swift programming, a language actually used by application developers. The varying levels of challenges offered to students allows them to develop and mobilize their technological skills, innovate… and even go so far as to design a functional app!

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The iPad is a very powerful tool for creativity, but sometimes underused. This workshop will explore the educational possibilities of various free tools suitable for all levels. In particular, discover the possibilities of GarageBand (a native application), including the recording of podcasts and the creation of musical tracks using Live loops. Plus, learn how to embed freshly created music into a video using Clips.

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Does having direct access to your students’ learning appeal to you? Sketchnoting is a creative and highly visual note-taking technique for expressing thoughts through illustrations, symbols, structures, and words. This training session allows you to begin with sketchnoting and discover the necessary tools to be able to accompany your students. Don’t forget your tablet and a stylus, or even paper and coloured pencils!

Training Sessions


Supporting all of our students in their learning is both challenging and rewarding. We can utilize technology to help our students communicate their ideas in a manner that is efficient, effective and authentic. Apple designs its products with accessibility in mind. Learn how we can leverage the built-in accessibility tools and native Apple apps to help our students learn and share their ideas.

Training Sessions


Visual-based coding is a great way to introduce our students to the world of programming. Storytelling using this tool is an effective way to introduce coding and learn problem-solving skills. Scratch is a visual programming language platform allowing us to compose our own story using visuals, motion, text, and audio. Learn how you can integrate coding with language, math, and art to engage and empower students.

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