Eliezer Sherbatov is a Canadian citizen, born in Israel, with an extraordinary life story. He started his hockey career as a player for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Afterwards he played in France, then in Kazakhstan. He also played for a few European cities, and now makes a living playing hockey. He recently had to flee Ukraine, for his own safety, and flew back home to Quebec to be back with his family.  

In early March 2022, Mariupol, costal city in Ukraine, was bombed while Sherbatov was close by for a hockey game. The whole team was first confined to a hotel, not knowing what to expect. It was impossible for them to go back to Mariupol to retrieve their belongings since the city was the target of a Russian military operation. CBC interviewed him about the events of that day.

“Sherbatov says the first thing he did after calling his wife to reassure her was turn to Canada for help. He received only an automatic reply from Global Affairs Canada telling him to get to the nearest bomb shelter. “If I had listened to a copy paste email from the government … I would still be there with my teammates under a bomb shelter waiting to die,” he said.”

Source: CBC

He is now back and safe in Canada. The tale of his journey is an emotional roller coaster of fear, uncertainty and risks. He told his story in an interview at TSN which we can watch here.


The proposed activity will allow students to use the internet to virtually visit the different places where his career evolved. They will then write a descriptive essay using a collaborative platform.

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A guide by Laurie Couture, adapted in English by Valerie Harnois, in collaboration with Karine Turcotte.

Image : Wikimedia

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