A whole issue about Accessibility, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Education: Bringing Diversity Together

Volume 2, issue 3 – Srping 2023
Published on: April 2023

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From the Editor’s Desk

Everyone at Every Age Should Be Able to Find Their Place at School

Every child is unique. Each child must learn to live with their strengths and challenges. As adults, we each have our own reality to deal with. Despite this, we should all feel comfortable and safe in our environment, have the chance to express ourselves, and feel we matter to others. Aren’t these essential before being ready to learn?

What if we created an environment that would allow everyone to be themselves? Without categorizing differences. Without always trying to meet each need individually. What if it were possible to welcome every difference and every need so that they could live together?

Whether a student or school staff identifies with sexual diversity, a learning disability, intellectual giftedness, a visible minority, a disability, several diversities at once or even no diversity at all, everyone should be able to realize their potential in every educational environment, without barriers and discrimination. This is the idea at the heart of inclusive education. There are many tools to achieve this: universal pedagogical practices, the use of accessible digital resources, the reorganization of specialized services, training and professional development, etc.

With this issue, we would like to offer you some key strategies to better understand the links between accessibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion (ADEI). Yes, we are adding the A to the usual trio! Discover practices that foster the inclusion of all diversities and reflect on small, simple actions you can take that can potentially transform the daily lives of others for the better!

A special thanks to Marc Tremblay, our Accessibility Consultant, who accompanied the team at every step of preparing this issue. He is a teacher in digital accessibility at the Cégep de Jonquière and editor-in-chief of aidestechnos.com. As an expert from the ADEI, his advice was invaluable in helping us to take ownership of this important subject.

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”
– Verna Myers, Vice President, Inclusion Strategy at Netflix

Martine Rioux, Managing Editor

Audrey Miller, Editor-in-Chief


Geneviève Audet, Marilyn Baillargeon, Carolyn Buteau, Marie-Soleil Carroll, Chris Colley, Alexandra Coutlée, Laurie Couture, EMSB Communication, Justine Gosselin-Gagné, Mélissa Joseph, Andre Kapitan, Tracey-Lee Batsford, Mario Richard, Martine Rioux, Josée Tardif, Marc Tremblay

Audrey Miller

Managing Editor
Martine Rioux

Editorial Assistant
Karla Mora

Development Director
Stephanie Dionne

Linguistic Revision
Nicole Arsenault, Tracey-Lee Batsford, Alexandra Coutlée

Tracey-Lee Batsford, Alexandra Coutlée, Martine Rioux

Additional Proofreading
Nicole Arsenault-Bernard, Alexandra Coutlée, Audrey Miller, Karla Mora

Graphic Design
Marie-Michèle Bouchard-Roussin
Kate-Lyn Lapointe (EMBLÈME Communication)



Legal Deposit 2nd quarter 2023
National Library and Archives of Quebec
Library and Archives Canada
ISSN 2564-2510 (Print)
ISSN 2564-2529 (Online)

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