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Useful Resources to Prepare Eastern Canada Schools for the Spectacle of April’s Solar Eclipse

Get ready for the April 8th, 2024 solar eclipse with this collection of useful resources. From safety guidelines to educational materials, we've curated everything you need to ensure your students can observe and learn about this awe-inspiring celestial event with confidence.

Scheduled for April 8th, the solar eclipse will present southern Quebec as well as some parts of Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland with a unique opportunity to witness a total eclipse, where the moon will briefly obscure the sun, casting the region into temporary darkness. This celestial phenomenon promises to be a captivating sight, offering observers a glimpse into the wonders of the cosmos.

Image source: Canadian Space Agency

A Supercharged Padlet Resource Wall from LEARN

LEARN Pedagogical Services and Provincial RÉCIT for the Anglophone Community plays a vital role in supporting the educational, cultural, and community needs of Quebec’s anglophone population. Its team recognizes the importance of fostering scientific curiosity and understanding. To support educators in facilitating meaningful learning experiences around the upcoming total solar eclipse, LEARN has curated a comprehensive set of resources accessible through a Padlet wall. Prioritizing safety, the resources emphasize guidelines for safe viewing practices, including the use of certified solar filters to protect against harmful solar radiation and safeguard observers’ eyes.

Beyond safety, the Padlet offers a variety of educational resources, including:

  • Interactive websites and apps: Explore the mechanics of eclipses through engaging simulations and visualizations.
  • Educational articles and videos: Gain deeper scientific knowledge about the sun, moon, and Earth’s relationship.
  • Lesson plans and activities: Teachers can utilize these resources to create engaging learning experiences for students of all ages.

So be sure to visit this wall and grab a few resources!

EduMedia Offers Free Interactive Simulations To Learn About Eclipses

Also, educators can take advantage of EduMedia’s supplementary materials for their classroom. The Quebec and Bordeaux based Edtech company offers a collection of its interactive resources free of charge, enhancing engagement in learning. Among these resources are a range of interactive simulations and activities, including “Interactive Eclipses,” “Solar Eclipse 3D,” and “Total Eclipse,” which enable students to delve into the scientific aspects of eclipses in an immersive manner. Moreover, the collection features informative bookmarks from other relevant sources, covering topics such as the eclipse path, historical eclipses, and video resources, providing teachers and students with a valuable set of tools to enrich their understanding of this captivating astronomical occurrence.

The Canadian Space Agency Toolkit for Educators and Youth

Finally, this Web package is a one-stop resource for educators and youth who want to learn about lunar and solar eclipses, and how to observe them safely. You will find documentation about eclipses, videos safety tips, how to make a pinhole projector for eclipse as well as various images and infographics from the Canadian Space Agency.

Unable to witness the eclipse? Immerse yourself in this captivating 360° video of a previous eclipse in Indonesia from 2016!

Main image created by Laurent Di Pasquale with Image Creator from Microsoft Designer.

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