(Québec) Invaluable Resources to Support Teachers with New Culture and Citizenship in Québec Program

Here are some invaluable resources for Quebec's anglophone educators looking to strengthen their delivery of the new Culture and Citizenship in Québec (CCQ) program.

Here are some invaluable resources for Quebec’s anglophone educators looking to strengthen their delivery of the new Culture and Citizenship in Québec (CCQ) program.

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CULTURE AND CITIZENSHIP IN QUÉBEC: A website for self-paced training

CCQ Website

This website for teachers was created with the aim of providing teachers with a user-friendly platform to reinforce the concepts outlined in the new Quebec Education Program’s CCQ training sessions, in English. It was inspired by the work of Martin Tremblay at Centre de services scolaire Marie-Victorin. 

Developed by school boards consultants Julie White, Marsha-Lynne Murdock, Marina McKenna, Kelly Anderson, and Matthew Russell, the website offers a self-paced training approach. Teachers can choose between elementary or secondary program pathways, where each consists of eight modules designed to be completed sequentially, at the user’s own pace.

The modules look into various learning targets and include presentations, PDFs, and interactive Genial.ly content to enhance engagement. In addition to the program-specific modules, the website offers a “Teacher Materials” section with some learning evaluations from the RECIT, and a “Resources” section with additional helpful materials. LEARN is actually adapting and/or translating many of the learning and evaluation situations with funding from the Ministère de l’Éducation. They will be published on our site at the end of June.

This website is an invaluable resource for any teacher in Quebec tasked with delivering the CCQ program in English. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or new to the program, it provides a supportive platform to deepen your understanding and confidently deliver this important curriculum.

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Browse the sections from this website for access to teacher and student resources from LEARN and RÉCIT, and to various opportunities for Professional Development.

It also contains a link to an incredibly useful Padlet with lots of resources.

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In French

In addition, make sure to check out this feature from our French news feed, Dossier : Apprivoiser le programme Culture et citoyenneté québécoise. It contains links to various resources that can help teachers implement the program.

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