(P.E.I.) Students create podcast to keep Island youth informed

Grade 12 students cohost The Train Station, a podcast that explores pressing issues in Canada, with a focus on topics that affect youth.

Isaac MacLean, Campbell McNeil and Ethan Reeves gather with their carefully researched notes, questions and recording equipment, ready to interview their latest special guest. 

Together the Grade 12 students cohost The Train Station, a podcast that explores pressing issues in Canada, with a focus on topics that affect youth. 

“It’s an educational platform aimed at engaging students and young listeners who may feel disconnected from traditional media, ensuring they stay informed about significant issues impacting their lives,” explains MacLean. 

The idea for the podcast came following the hosts’ participation in Rotary Youth Parliament. 

“We didn’t want the experience to end. We thought we could gain traction by continuing to discuss important issues, while hopefully engaging even more youth in the conversation.”

“We’ve been able to interview the Lieutenant Governor, the Premier, Dr. Morrison, present at Rotary… the list goes on, and we hope it gets even longer.” 

So far on the podcast, the group has explored topics such as food insecurity, health care, housing, women in politics and inclusion, education and more.

The trio grew up together and currently attend Three Oaks Senior High School. Their shared interest for politics landed them in Michael Trainor’s political studies class. 

“Everyone knows and loves Mr. Trainor at our school. There’s a lot of trust there, so when we had the idea for the podcast, we asked for his help.” 

Mr. Trainor has really enjoyed going along for the ride. 

“It’s so important to get youth involved. They have unique perspectives, personal experiences with these issues, and great ideas,” he says. 

“By participating in these conversations, they have the opportunity to be heard, but also to learn and delve into the complex layers of these subjects.” 

The students also saw the podcast as an opportunity to not only discuss issues, but to take action, by engaging with local organizations to raise funds and awareness for the topics they discuss. 

“It feels good to make a local impact that helps others,” says MacLean. 

They hope to continue the podcast even after they graduate. 

“We’re having so much fun with the podcast, and it’s important to continue investigating topics that affect the lives and futures of Canadian youth.” 

Listen to The Train Station Podcast.

Source: Press release from Prince Edward Island’s Department of Education and Early Years
April 24, 2024.

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