Call for Papers: How to Teach About Cybersecurity? Fall 2024

How can schools teach cybersecurity? ✍️ Grab your pen (or your keyboard!) and contribute as an author to the fall issue of Engaged Learning magazine, or tell us about inspiring initiatives related to this theme. More details…

In today’s digital era, cybersecurity is crucial for everyone, both young and old. Nearly every day, we hear about the need to protect personal information, manage digital data, the consequences of cyberbullying, and the dangers of fraud and network hacking.

How do we strike a balance between innovative uses and secure practices? What are the cyber threats we face, and how can we, as educators, develop the necessary reflexes to handle them?

This issue of the magazine aims to serve as a practical guide to introducing and teaching about cybersecurity. Our objective is to assist school staff in better understanding the challenges and opportunities directly impacting them, enabling them to adopt responsible behaviours and impart their knowledge to their students.


  • Submission deadline: May 15, 2024. Publication date: September 1, 2024
  • Expected length: 500 words per magazine page, maximum 3 pages per author.
  • Tone of the text: The text must be written in an impersonal tone (no “we” or “I”).
  • Editing process: The final content will undergo an editing process and may be modified and shortened. The final layout and visuals may also affect the length of the submitted text.
  • Right to refuse: We reserve the right to select the texts that will appear in the magazine. If the text meets all our criteria, we will publish it in the online news feed in the weeks surrounding the issue’s release.
  • Compensation: Although article writing is not paid, we offer a personal subscription to the magazine to all selected authors.
  • Copyright: By submitting, you agree to grant Engaged Learning / École branchée full copyright, timeless and non-transferable, over the final version of your text. However, you retain full rights to the version initially submitted.

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