Spring 2023 Issue: Inclusive Education – Bringing Diversity Together

The latest issue of EngagED Learning (Teaching in the Digital Age) magazine is now available, with a special focus on inclusive education and fostering diversity in today's learning environments. 

An issue focused on accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the digital age.

For immediate release.

[STONEHAM (QC), April 6, 2023] The latest issue of EngagED Learning magazine is now available, with a special focus on inclusive education and fostering diversity in learning environments. 

This issue delves into the best practices and current challenges of inclusive education, aimed at promoting a harmonious and compassionate school environment. It showcases inspiring testimonials, case studies, and practical tips to assist teachers, professionals and leaders in promoting inclusive education. Readers will find articles and expert insights, along with resources and tools to better comprehend and support diversity among students, including sexual diversity, learning disabilities, giftedness, visible minorities, disabilities, multiple diversities…or none at all!

Some of the topics covered in this edition include:

  • Challenges and opportunities of inclusive education
  • Pedagogical strategies to promote the coexistence of diversities
  • Inspiring initiatives in primary and secondary schools
  • Technological resources to support school inclusion
  • Partnerships between school and family
  • And more!

The spring issue of EngagED Learning magazine is now available for subscribers or for purchase on: engagedlearningmagazine.com, print or digital format.


This edition marks the completion of the second year of the English version of the renowned École branchée magazine, which has been published in French since 1998. Over 700 schools and universities from Quebec, New-Brunswick, Ontario, Alberta and the Maritime provinces are subscribed to support and inspire professional development in education. 


L’École branchée is a Quebec-based non-profit media organization whose mission is to support educational stakeholders in developing their professional expertise in the digital age, with the goal of promoting educational success. Since 1996, its main areas of focus have been professional development and digital literacy. For more information, visit ecolebranchee.com/english or contact us! 

Press copies available upon request. 

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EngagED Learning

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