Nurturing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in School 

The latest issue of EngagED Learning (Teaching in the Digital Age) magazine is now available, with a special focus on entrepreneurial education and how to inspire a generation of motivated, creative students ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

The Spring Issue of Engaged Learning Magazine is About Enterprise Education!

For immediate release.

STONEHAM-ET-TEWKESBURY, QUEBEC. April 16, 2024 – Engaged Learning, the magazine for teaching in the digital age, is pleased to announce the release of its spring issue, which explores the theme of entrepreneurial education. 

According to Sophie Jalbert and Matthias Pepin from the Chaire de leadership en enseignement sur le développement de l’esprit d’entreprendre et de l’entrepreneuriat at Université Laval, and contributors to this issue, the entrepreneurial mindset at school represents “a pedagogical approach that encourages initiative and aims to turn ideas into action.” This issue thus explores the multiple ways in which teaching staff can integrate the entrepreneurial mindset at the heart of their pedagogical practices, by developing key skills in students such as creativity, reflexivity, or self-confidence.

Beyond theory, through inspiring examples and real case studies, the guest expert editors demonstrate how the entrepreneurial mindset can become a lever for success and fulfillment for all students, regardless of their educational path or future ambitions.

“The goal is not to turn every student into an entrepreneur, but to provide them with the necessary tools to thrive in a constantly evolving world,” emphasizes the editorial team. This issue is therefore a must-have for all stakeholders in the educational field who wish to inspire a generation of motivated, creative students ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The 2024 spring issue of Engaged Learning is accessible in print and digital formats, in both French and English. To buy a copy or learn more about subscription options, please visit our website.


Engaged Learning is a part of École branchée, a non-profit media organization with a mission to support educational stakeholders in developing their professional expertise in the digital age to promote educational success. Since 1996, our primary areas of focus and information have been centered around professional development and digital competence.

Press copies are available upon request.


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